The Multanen Legacy Scholarship, offered through Lower Columbia College in Longview, WA,  provides educational assistance to students with financial need who display academic achievement, a commitment to serving others, and the Finnish concept of SISU - tenacity and perseverance amidst difficult circumstance.

Monty and Susan Multanen

Monty & Susan Multanen

Our beloved Monty and Susan were known as encouragers and helpers for their family and friends. This memorial fund was established for their legacy to continue. This legacy includes values of hope, encouragement, determination, and love.


Education is power. It provides the opportunity to build strong futures and the increased ability to have a positive impact on families and our larger communities. It would be the Multanens’ hope that all those who seek an education are supported in achieving their goals.


SISU is the theme of the Multanen Legacy Scholarship.


What is SISU?


Sisu is the Finnish principle of High Power of Will which empowers us to live our fullest life.


Endurance. Resilience. Persistence. Bravery.


SISU is an inner reserve of diligence, overcoming obstacles and staying the course.


Scholarship recipients will have indicated how SISU has helped them to sustain and persevere through difficult times.  See scholarship application for more details.


All proceeds go to scholarships.

Thank you for your support!

Amber Norgaard delighted us with her beautiful music during our 2016 Legacy Dinner.


Watch Amber Norgaard - Take It Higher - Music Video for Multanen Legacy Scholarship Fund

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