Monty and Susan Multanen

Our beloved Monty and Susan were known as encouragers and helpers for their family and friends. This memorial fund was established for their legacy to live on. This legacy includes values of hope, encouragement, determination, and love.


Education is power. It provides the opportunity to build strong futures and the increased ability to have a positive impact on families and our larger communities. It is the Multanens’ hope that all those who seek an education are supported in achieving their goals.


Monty E. Multanen   10/02/1939 – 05/14/2010

Susan M.E. Multanen   11/20/1941 – 05/14/2010

What We Do

The Multanen Legacy Scholarship offers educational assistance to students with financial need who display academic achievement, a commitment to serving others, and the Finnish concept of SISU - tenacity and perseverance amidst difficult circumstance.

Board of Directors

Candace Plumblee, co-founder and director for Multanen Legacy Scholarship Fund


Co-founder, director

Candace Plumlee is a 62-year-old retired nurse anesthetist. She served 22 years as a nurse both active duty and reserve army and as a federal employee. She earned the rank of Colonel in the Army Nurse Corps. Candace has a Masters degree in Nursing and Business Administration.


During her retirement, she has volunteered as a court appointed special advocate for Pierce County, Washington foster children. She also volunteered for the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.


Candace was a neighbor of Sara’s who reached out and offered assistance for Sara’s education in honor of her parents, helping Sara rebuild her life. Receiving this generous gift inspired Sara to not only pursue her own dreams, but to make this possible for other students. Together, Sara and Candace are excited to pass on this support to students who embody the Sisu principles.



Ronda always loved school. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a teacher. At 28, Ronda found herself  a divorced single mom, raising her children without a college degree. Determined to create a better life for herself and her family, she spent the next twelve years working and studying to complete her degree.


Ronda began mentoring community college students in a career center, and went on to teaching and administration positions in various private schools. She currently works as a guidance counselor for middle and high school students at Firm Foundation Christian School in Battle Ground, Washington.


In 2012, Ronda and her family spent a year in Kenya founding a program to assist children in need. Back in the US, her family continues to help see young lives in Kenya changed through education by starting a program to provide scholarships for them to attend high school.


Ronda has many fond childhood memories of Monty and Sue. As an adult, Monty encouraged Ronda to apply for his administrator position when he announced his retirement. She was hired and spent time during the transition learning valuable leadership skills from him. She continues to think of him as one of the most significant influences in her life both professionally and personally.


She is honored to be a part of The Multanen Legacy Scholarship Fund, honoring the legacy of Monty and Sue Multanen and seeing students who embody “Sisu” receive support for their education

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